Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soon time to start thinking of seeds for next year

Doesn't Botanical Interests do
the best seed packet.
I keep a little list of seeds that I want to grow next year. I am going to stick with heirloom varieties for this year anyway. It's my way of thumbing my nose at Monsanto. This is my list so far. I know I won't grow them all and I'll cull the list before I buy my seeds, but this is my wish list.

Seeds for 2012
Cinderella pumpkin*
Brandywine tomato
Amish Paste or super Italian paste
Yellow brandywine
Green zebra tomato
Gold nugget tomato
Spinach-Bloomsdale savoy
Lettuce-salad bowl*
Lettuce-Speckled butterhead organic
Carrot-scarlet Nantes
Marigold for companion planting with tomato*
Morning glory-heavenly blue
Garlic, plant late October*
Zucchini-black beauty
Winter. Italian parsley
Kale-winter kale blend
Cabbage-Danish ballhead
Squash-yellow crookneck
Cucumber-homemade pickles

* Already have the seed or will take seed from my plants.


Chad B said...

I agree with you that Botanical Interests makes the best seed packets. The artwork is amazing and the in-depth information is really helpful.

NHGarden said...

I have also started my seed list for next year :)