Monday, August 22, 2011

We are looking pretty exhausted

Today Allan asked if I wanted to get the raised gardens done. Hell yes!!! It took us all afternoon to get two 8x4 beds together. I guess it's like building four though, because it's two beds tall, making them a foot deep. Nice. The one thing I have noticed. They seem bigger when they're done than they looked on paper. It seems like a lot of strawberries. I haven't really grown them before. How much space should one devote to them? Does anyone have any thoughts?
Look at the Japanese Maples in these pictures. Sure looks like autumn doesn't it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome - i see you are lining with cardboard - great idea! - Melinda

Erin said...

We brought home another load today. We have a dumpster at back that collects recyle cardboard, so if you ever need any, let me know. Also, found another good pallet for compost bins. Yayyy.