Sunday, August 07, 2011

What the heck has happened to me

I have been out of commission for a couple days. I woke up yesterday with some pain in my upper back. Within a few hours it had become a full fledged spasm. Yikes. My sister recommended an 'over the counter' drug that she uses for her neck. I took one. Noel and I didn't have help in the store so I was on my own from 4-5:30. I am super sensitive to drugs and was quite, how you say, jittery and ummmmm, not totally clear headed. Over the ensuing few hours, I processed a credit card payment as .29 instead of $23.29. Then I went grocery shopping. I bought all kinds of canning stuff and a flat of blueberries for jam. I prepared to make jam today and asked Allan where he had put the blueberries. "I didn't see them!" So, it appears I left them at the store.
This morning I was talking to my sister Jess again, and she recommended I take a half of a pill. I think she felt sorry for me and wanted me to give it a try again. So I did. And I'm fine.
So fine in fact, I pulled back some of the hay where a lot of grass was growing through and gave it a spray with a new blend of my weed killer. This time I used 7% vinegar and a bit of dish soap. The soap is supposed to really help with the killing of the weeds.

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