Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weed cloth is not the right stuff

This is the 'Right Stuff''
 I thought I as so prepared. I got my roll of weed cloth out, my new pegs, scissors and a hammer. Prepared to put the cloth down where my dwarf fruit trees will be. I figured out right away that I bought the wrong cloth. I'm not even sure what you would use this for. It is light and thin. And goes on top of weed free and prepared soil. Maybe to prevent new weed seeds from rooting? What I need is a really heavy fabric to go down on grass and weeds and kill everything. Ahhhh, I'll need to make another trip to Buckerfield's. Poor me.
Priced out wood for raised beds. I found spruce that would make it $24.00 for each bed at 4'x 8' and two boards stacked to a depth of one foot. They recommended a product called Lifetime that you paint on as a benign preservative. I will have to look into that to see if it is indeed safe.
I have decided to dig up the raspberry before it gets too established and put it back in the same spot but in a raised bed so the runners will be contained. It is honestly the most delicious raspberry I've ever tasted, so I want a nice big full bed of them. It is a Meeker.


Lee said...

You are totally inspiring me, Erin. <3

The Sage Butterfly said...

I have used thick layers of newspaper, burlap, and some kind of biodegradable cloth to kill grass for new flower beds. Sometimes if I have a tough spot, I use the permanent weed cloth. Don't you hate when you have to go back and get something else? Good luck, and welcome to Blotanical!

Mel said...

Yes, use old cardboard boxes, cover them with trimmings from your yard and compost in the fall and by spring you have a great place to plant!