Monday, June 20, 2011

Arctic wind, but a wonderful day of gardening

Okay, not this cold, but...
It was another of those days with a cold, cold breeze. In spite of it, I spent the whole day in the yard. My Mom gave me her large potted thyme plant when I couldn't find one. I got it planted in the herb border. I moved the newly potted mints from semi-shade to the sunny herb border. The pineapple mint has some rust and I think I've overwatered it. The asparagus has quite a few nice shoots in full frond. I filled the trench in with a combination of steer manure and compost. I used this combination to plant the chocolate mint in a two gallon pot.

I hung the netting over the blueberries as they are starting to look ever so slightly blue.
I hammered one stake into the greenhouse bed for the tomato, but couldn't get the other one in, so I mocked up a cage out of bamboo. In the process of trying to hammer in the stake, in spite of trying not to hit the glass roof, I managed to anyway. Thank goodness it didn't break. Gardening can be very dangerous!!

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