Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wow, the time really got away from me

I left work early today. It was a nice treat. I came home, changed and went right outside. I watered all the little plants in the garden with, get this, my newly routed second backyard hose. Allan put a splitter on the tap and took an old shorter but lovely rubber hose, wound it under the deck and over to the garden. I don't have to clearcut the blueberries with the hose anymore and it reaches the furthest herbs. I was about eight feet short, so I would blast water at the plants from afar. Ahhhh, little things, little things.

I went into my greenhouse to fetch a tool and really took a look around. I had several oversized plants that basically took up 3/4 of the greenhouse. It hit me, I am so lucky to have a greenhouse, I have a few plants I really am not in love with in there and it could be so much better. I pulled out alot of stuff for the garbage, some to send to a thrift shop and some to relocate. I organized the pots I'm collecting for bedding plants in spring and for potting. Clay here, plastic there. Huge plastic pots from the Japanese Maples that made up my meditation area are now neatly piled in a stack by size.

I'm about two hours away from having a great working greenhouse and a much cleaner one. It just occurred to me that I should have taken a picture. Darn. Oh well, I'll post the after anyway. So I sit here after about five hours of work outside and feel like I could have done another five hours if only there was light. I wonder how the neighbours would feel about flood lights in the middle of the night??

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