Monday, June 06, 2011

Guava and jasmine

Today was the day to move the Chilean Guava from the greenhouse to the glass paneled deck. It gets little guavas on it in the fall. We were picking them and eating them last fall. We were eating the red ones. They were so sour, but it was fun to have our own fruit. As fall wore on they turned almost white. They were super sweet. we know. I also brought out the ornamental orange and newly transplanted jasmine. The jasmine was a gift last mothers day from my sons fiancé Amanda. There is a parking lot in Kona Hawaii just off the main drag. It is about a block up a narrow lane. It isn't the nicest walk, but the lot is huge, free and has no time limit so you can relax in town. When you go up the concrete stairs to the lot, there is a chain link fence. Our first time using this lot, we all stopped and said 'where is that sweet smell coming from?' we tracked it down to what we now know is a jasmine, twined in the chain link. That is the long story version of why Amanda gave me the plant. I love it. In the winter it went into full bloom and the smell was amazing!!

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