Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost track of time yet again

Cinderella Pumpkin
It is amazing to me that when one is in the garden, it seems the laws of physics do not apply. I think Einstein was right. Time really doesn't exist. It is what humans need to make our world make sense. Let me explain. I exited my house at about noon. Worked in the yard for a couple of hours. It was so beautiful. I started getting a bit hungry and went in the house for lunch. I had toast. Lunch of champions. Got my shoes back on after a bathroom break, and glanced at the clock on my way out the door. It was almost five o'clock. So you tell me!! Where did the missing hours go?

Moved pots out of the greenhouse to allow room for Allan and/or Noel to move the huge jade out of there tomorrow so I can clean up the floor. The tomatoes in there have outpaced the garden tomatoes by about 150%. It's amazing. It occurred to me today, that I can grow lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse all winter. So cool. I need to come up with something better for the benches. Allan put this funny plastic grid on the frame. It seems so flimsy that I am afraid to put pots on it unless they are at the edges where the frame is. So let's fix it.

Broke apart one of my garlics for the cloves and planted them in the greenhouse beds and the garden. Mom swears they keep plants from getting bugs, so I thought I'd give it a try.

My Cinderella pumpkin is about a foot across now. Is it ever growing fast. I'm in love with it.

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