Friday, September 09, 2011

Everyone is talking about the weather...and the earthquake

I really wish I had my camera tonight. I was driving home from the store and the sunset was the most beautiful I've seen on the west coast in a long time. It was that orange glow like a creamsicle gently changing to blue above it. Those sunsets always foretell a very hot day tomorrow. Everyone is talking about the heat. Funny, as it's only about 25 degrees. In a normal year that is simply a nice summer day, but this year, we're all running for air conditioning as if it were 35.

Tomatoes all seemingly ripening at warp speed
We had quite an earthquake in Sidney today. A 6.3. We got a phone call from Amanda who was working about three blocks away, asking if we felt the quake. Apparently they had noticeable swaying and we heard that cans fell off the shelves. We didn't feel a thing. How is that possible?


Mark Willis said...

Talking about the weather is our national favourite pastime here in the UK!

Ellada said...

6.3 it is a big earthquake and it is strange that you didn't fell nothing.

Catharine Howard said...

Love your greenhouse.

Erin said...

Hi Mark. It must be the rainy climate. It's all we have to do for six months of the year.
Hi Ellada. I think the epicenter of the quake was up island. What we can't figure out is why it could be felt near by, but we didn't feel it. Interesting.
Hi Catherine. Thank you. I got it about 25 or more years ago. I don't know if you read the blog archive, but it was full of tropicals, that I would just turn the hose on, so it was damp and humid. There must have been a thousand slugs in there. it literally took days to clean it up. I am so happy with it. It has become my happy place. That is why it's my blog picture!!