Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today was all about compost bins...and ten year old memories

It is hot. Allan spent most of the afternoon working on our three bin compost system. He is filling in the open spaces on the pallets with 1x2's. I think he is going overboard, but I really appreciate the extra effort. He's a perfectionist.

Two of the three bins, with some of the straw now removed from garden area
The Japanese Maples were showing signs of strain. My favorite was turning orange yesterday and today those same orange leaves, were now brown and crispy. I realized that I hadn't thought of their extra water needs during the heat wave. They were just planted this year. I have given them LOTS of water today.

Crispy maple leaves
My wonderful tomatoes in the greenhouse are turning red quickly. Amazing. It seems like they will never ripen and suddenly you can almost watch them change in front of your eyes.
I am getting buckets of coffee grounds from Red Brick Coffee shop in Sidney. Thank you Maureen. I spread around the latest bucket.
Tonight I made a salad with our lettuce, tomato, chive flowers and grated carrot. I added a few macadamia nuts from the Kona Market on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was more wonderful than I can say, to be eating a dinner of food grown by us. Heaven.

Rest in Peace victims of 9/11. You will never be forgotten.

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