Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I worked so hard today, I've tweaked my neck...but it feels so good to be done...for now

See the little sunflower right in the centre of the picture on this side. I planted
one on the far side on the same day. It is now about seven feet tall. This one
is less than two feet tall. How does that happen?
I got up this morning, had a coffee, and headed right outside. I can see that our brief heatwave has already come to an end. The air feels cold. It is calling for rain tomorrow, so the last bed needed to be filled with soil. Before we can fill it, I need to know where our property line is. I plan to nudge this particular raised bed up to about six inches from the property line. I was trying to figure out where I could rent a metal detector to find the pins that mark the lot. I mentioned this to my mother and she asked if I wanted to borrow her metal detector. Really? Mom has a metal detector? This reminds me of the posting earlier where Allan just showed up with a long metal tube for the greenhouse. I'm beginning to think that we, my family, could have our own reality show on A&E called Sidney Hoarders. Anyhoooo, we found the property line. It is actually much further towards my neighbors yard than I thought. I had to move the bed about a foot their way.
Measuring to the property line. The bed is on this odd angle because the lot is
at wonky angles. The beds are lined up to be straight in line with the house, sidewalks, deck etc.
I left the string up, so they can see we aren't setting up camp in their yard. Allan got the last load of soil, and we filled it. I then got the rapidly growing dwarf plum Shiro from behind the greenhouse and planted it. I tossed a handful of bone meal in the hole and planted the tree exactly flush with the soil. I then made a ridge of soil in a ring around the tree so that water would all stay inside the ridge and go to the tree. The grower, Bob Duncan, recommended it.
Shiro Yellow Plum, planted today
When Allan returned our friend Rick's trailer, he offered us some figs. There is a God in heaven. Now I just need to get Melinda's recipe for fig preserves, and I'm good to go!

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