Sunday, September 04, 2011

We sure can't take the heat this summer

My strawberry, step away and no one gets hurt
 It's only 23 degrees, but it feels like 30 when you're out working in it. We have had such a cold year we just can't take the warmer weather. We're soft. We did a lot of work on the compost bins. I washed out the huge pot that will hold the Meyer Lemon. I spread a huge bucket of coffee grounds in the garden and sprayed dandelions with vinegar. I took my wonderful little Peters Honey Fig out of the one gallon pot and put it into a five gallon pot with compost and some organic fertilizer. I could swear the little fig on it has grown a bit already.
Peter's Honey Fig

Fig tree now has 3 little figs
I laid down some landscaping cloth in the place that the fruit trees will go. I am thinking that with this heat, maybe the hot black cloth may fry the grass underneath. We'll see.
My sister sent me home tonight with several of her strawberry runners. She swears they are the best strawberries.

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