Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's International Space Station viewing time again!!

Yayyy, it's time to see the Space Station again. I am such a geek. At this time of year, it can be cloudy, so you probably won't see it this often. If you live somewhere else, not in Sidney, either go to the NASA site or download the app. I use the app. It's free. Here are the viewing times for Sidney.

Oct 16-8:22PM SSW
Oct 17-7:24PM S
Oct 17-8:59PM WSW

The past two nights viewings have barely come up over the horizon. Tomorrows will be much higher and last five minutes. A really good one!!

Oct 18-8:01PM SW
Oct 19-7:03PM SSW
Oct 19-8:39PM W
Oct 20-7:42PM WSW
Oct 21-6:44PM SW
Oct 21-8:21PM W
Oct 22-7:23PM W
Oct 23-8:02PM WNW
Oct 24-7:04PM WNW
Oct 24-8:39PM WNW

Happy viewing!


Jane and Chris said...

I remember when it went overhead a few years exciting.I was jumping about pointing saying 'Wow...WOW'.
Hope you get to see it!
Jane x

Erin said...

Hi Jane...go to the NASA site, pop in your location and about two or three weeks before it due to go over you, you'll start seeing the dates, times and locations. It only happens every few months, so just check in every week or so. We LOVE it.