Sunday, October 30, 2011

A lovely new knife...dehydrating tomatoes...and, can you guess?

Aren't these beautiful. Jess's little red and my yellow Lemon Boy tomatoes.
I offered to dehydrate some tomatoes for my sister, so she gave me her bucket of small but sweet tomatoes. I took my lovely Henkel knife, very new and super sharp, kind of like a razor blade sharp (I know, you know where this is going) and started cutting. Tomato number two and I just barely touched my left index finger tip with the knife. It looked like a tiny little nick. And then the blood started. I would have taken a picture at that point, but I was worried about the camera. I went to the bathroom, tried to stop the bleeding as much as I could and cinched a bandaid quite tight to hold the cut closed and a got back to the business at hand. This actually took a while to type, as the band-aid is wreaking havoc with my usually pretty capable typing skills. I didn't actually feel anything until about five minutes ago. It stings now.
Earlier today, I spread some more straw around the Swiss Chard and cauliflower, so while I has at it I tucked some around the raspberry too. I didn't get very much dill this year but what I had I pulled out and cut up and put in the dehydrator too. It won't take nearly as long as tomatoes so I'll keep an eye on it.
It's now looking like it could rain.
Beautiful tomatoes, a razor sharp knife and a very tightly bandaged finger.
Oh my gosh, the whole house smells like dill. I wish I had smell-o-vision so I could share it with you!!

23:00 hours. Update. My finger has a heartbeat. Yup, there's real stinging going on. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty clumsy with a knife myself. Bandaids are my friends.

Erin said...

Hi GWGT!! Have you ever seen the movie Elf?? In it Will Ferrell is an Elf. His father wants a DNA test and they do a finger prick. He screams. He's holding his finger and says 'I can feel my heart beat'. I'm chuckling...cuz I can feel my heart beat.

Mark Willis said...

That's pretty much exactly what I did a few months ago -- even down to the new knife which was again a Henkel! I love the Henkel knives - a very classy product. We have lots of different ones.
Hope the wound heals quickly. :)

Erin said...

Hi Mark...well, I feel a lot less like a klutz now. If you, with all the cooking you do, cut yourself too....

Indie said...

Beautiful tomatoes! I usually use more dull knives because I am too clumsy!
Hope it heals quickly!

Erin said...

Hi is feeling a bit better today. Thanks.
I had heard that if you use a sharp knife you have less chance of injury. I think I can safely say that is CRAP!! I barely touched my finger but it was like a knife through butter. Oh yuch, that sounds really awful. My finger is getting the willies!