Friday, October 28, 2011

Pouring rain and coffee grounds

Okay, so it isn't much, but at this time of year we take what we can get. I went out in the absolutely pouring rain with a full five gallon pail of wet coffee grounds. It was really heavy, maybe thirty pounds? I spread this full bucket between two of my blueberries. My plan is to mulch very thickly creating a bed of black rich coffee grounds, amending the soil and feeding the blueberries the acid they need. So that was it for this very rainy day on Vancouver Island.
My sympathy goes out to all the bloggers out there who posted their snow pictures today.


Mark Willis said...

Erin; where do you get 30 pounds of coffee grounds? Do you drink all that coffee yourself???

Anonymous said...

No snow here today in the land of snow, for once. My post actually shows my garden FLOWERS. Last of them anyway.

Erin said...

Good one Mark!! There is a coffee shop across from my store and they are saving the grounds for me. They just fill up the five gallon pale and I take it and return the bucket. They have given me about 8-10 so far. Brilliant!
I'll check that out GWGT.

Becky said...

We were lucky this time. We got a few inches of snow, but it is calm and quiet outside. At 6:AM the sky was clear and filled with stars. I've missed seeing those stars all summer. Thanks for the link! It's great to have a fan!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Erin! I use coffee grounds when I can get them, but I've never heard about spreading them around blueberries! Interesting. My four blueberry bushes performed well this year, but the berries were rather small. I'll be interested in your report about your blueberries next year!

Erin said...

I love your blog Becky. Check it out. It's Plants and Stones over on the right.
I will report next year on the blueberry coffee mulch. I totally made it up. I've not seen too much written about coffee grounds, but ended up with so much I got creative!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin,

Great idea using coffee grounds!! How long does it take the coffee shop near you to fill up a 5 gallon bucket?

Was it much better than other types of fertilizer?


Erin said...

Hi Geoff..inget two to three 5 gallon pails per week. It's just a little coffee shop on our little town too.
It is a soil conditioner and acidified. So I've spread a thin layer on all the beds and I'm putting a really thick six inch layer around my blueberries for the acid. I think strawberries are acid lovers too. I need to find out for sure and if they are, they're next!!