Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not really...ALREADY!! (add a high pitched shrieking voice)

It is only October 27. I'm supposed to have another nine days.'s the "f" word. Our first expected frost date is November 5. We awoke to frost today!!! It's not fair. It wasn't quite zero degrees, but clearly it was frost. It was white, it was on the roofs, it was frost!!
My husband just came into the living room, laugh, snort, giggle, pulling a hoody on cuz it's so cold in here. He's always been a bit of a lightweight when it comes to the cold.


Dewi said...

Sometimes, it get really cold here too. But, it is probably is not as cold as where you live.

Erin said...

Hi Nina...I just finished reading your blog. It's awesome. Thankyou.

Autumn Belle said...

Frost started already? Oh, Christmas is coming! Hope to see some photos of snow and frost soon. Keep warm and have a happy weekend!

Gardeningbren said...

We are hearing the "s" word....not nice!!! "f" word is much gentler than the "S".

Left a reply on blog to your questions.

Great that your lasagna garden worked and what a difference. I've had clay..well think I've had all the bad ground around...except for SSI when we had the gift of an old garden, and someone else's hard work to grow flowers and veg in. That was a blessing.

Erin said...

Actually, yes Christmas is coming. I have a little shop and next Tuesday we are putting the Christmas stuff out. I can't believe it.
And yes, frost is better than snow this early. Rumor has it, on the coast this year, because it is a La Nina year, we are going to to have a cold snowy winter. We don't get a lot of snow here on the coast, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. I love snow.
Hi Brenda. I'm going to go into your blog and track down the reply. I'm in menopause and can never remember exactly where...but I think it was a really recent post, so I should be good. :-)